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Dog Potty Training – eBook


Dog Potty Training – eBook


Do you want to teach your dog to be clean?

You want to know the right techniques to do it?

This book is for you!

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Learn how to potty train your dog !

When it comes to dogs, everyone has an opinion. Every pet parent, who’s had or has a dog, has their own way of doing things. Moreover, when it comes to dog training, there are many urban legends that are just as far-fetched as each other, but which are nevertheless repeated over and over again. Therefore it isn’t easy to differentiate and make the right decisions.

It is important to follow THE RIGHT TECHNIQUE, as you will see below, but there are a few known techniques that you should absolutely avoid!

My dog isn’t clean? She/He doesn’t listen to me? What are the reasons? How can I teach him/her? All puppies can learn, it’s up to you to make it work! We know the feeling, coming home after work or getting up in the morning and stepping on it is far from being pleasant…but we have a solution for you!

With this book you will make your doggo clean! it requires a little patience and knowledge, but when you have the right technique it’s so much faster!

You have surely asked yourself many questions
-> Why my dog is not clean ? How to do it? When to do it? How often? With what strategy? At what place? We tell you everything in this ebook! Our goal: your and your puppy happiness!

Mistress who learns to train her dog

In Dog Potty Training you will learn:

âś… Better understand to better learn: The main reasons why a dog poops indoors.

âś… Determine why your dog poops where he/she shouldn’t (anxiety, frustration, emotion or out of need…) : This is the first step to bring a real solution

âś… At what age can puppies start to be potty trained

âś… At what frequency and when to take your dog out according to the ages

âś… Essential tips to keep in mind

âś… Mistakes and bad habits to avoid

âś… A simple and effective learning strategy

âś… How to handle accidents

Puppy pooping in the garden

Tips of things you should avoid

You have probably already been recommended in your circle, but here are some behaviors you should avoid while potty training your dog :

#1 Putting your dog’s nose in his pee or poo

This method is widespread and often recommended, yet it is not effective. At best, it could stress your dog and cause behavioral problems with potty training. Imagine if we taught our children to potty train by making them smell soiled underwear… they would only keep an unpleasant and traumatic memory! Learn the right techniques by purchasing “Dog Potty Training” today

# 2 Scolding your dog/puppy for pooping in the house.

Generally he will have a hard time relating your displeasure to his peeing or pooping on the floor/tile. Furthermore, your dog may draw other conclusions:
– I have to hide to do my business in the house
– My human doesn’t like to see me do my business

Imagine the trouble this could cause him during a walk… always keep in mind the positive education (More reward than punishment) that will allow you to avoid stressful situations for your dog but also emotional/stressful peeing

#3 My puppy knows how to go through the night without peeing so he must be able to stay the day without going out

During the night, your dog does not move much, he sleeps. So like us, his bladder is at rest. As your puppy grows up, he starts to be able to resist at night in restful conditions but not during the day. Indeed, during the day, he plays, he runs, he drinks, he eats… his bladder is stimulated and not yet mature enough to resist all this time! It will take a little more patience and strategy to get your dog completely clean.

Dog potty training

Buy today “Dog Potty Training” to learn the right techniques and get your dog clean in no time!

For any books purchased, our policy is: 100% satisfied or refunded within 30 days





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