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Are you worried that pet food dry kibble isn’t safe for your dog? Is your dog having a hard time digesting the kibble? Are you asking yourself: Should I cook for my dog? But then again, which food is safe for your dog to eat?

With the rising concerns in pet parents about health issues, quality and transparency for their dogs, home made cooking is booming. No surprise there though, since natural homemade food as always been better for both humans and animals. Moreover, nobody would like to eat the same food every day in his or her life. Simply said, yes you should cook for your dog, though, you must be aware of their vital nutritional needs… So, if you are just getting started (or thinking to), you might not know where to begin.  Indeed, not knowing what are your dog’s dietary needs or if you can give them everything we eat, might be quite a challenge! And those are only a few questions you might be asking yourself….So if you want these questions be answered and more, keep on reading!

Should I prepare my dog’s food?

Dogs, such goofy eaters, right? They eat every crumb that feels into the floor (if not before), go crazy for peanut butter and sometimes can’t resist the temptation of opening a drawer or the fridge…but who can blame them? Eating the same kibble every day must be quite frustrating when you think about it! Just like us, dogs need some variety in their food.

Why should I cook for my dog?

Most of the food our pets eat are made from ingredients considered unfit for humans, dividing it into two categorize: «human grade» and «feed grade» foods. Many people have become aware these past few years of the harm that’s associated with the unhealthy commercial food in general, including your dog’s food. Indeed, a lot of Millennials are ready to change this and are feeding their furbabies as they feed themselves according to a recent Insider article.

Yet, besides safety, you also have to insure that they eat all the needed nutrients. Since you can’t just give them a piece of meat every day thinking that it will be enough. Plus, as you can imagine, a Chihuahua won’t need the same amount of food compared to a Rottweiler.

Moreover, home made food as proven it’s cost effectiveness. Many pet parents have noticed that a major part of their income goes for buying commercial pet food. Also, feeding your dog with organ meat when they suffer from a disease as proven its effectiveness. For example, if your dog as a heart condition, feeding him hearts will stimulate him. Thus, cooking for your dog might be a good idea since you’ll know exactly what they’ll be eating, making it safer, cost efficient and healthier for your dog. Not to say, they’ll be much more happier and energetic! Hopefully, you’ll find out that cooking for them can be quite enjoyable, especially if you like cooking like I do.

What’s the right amount too feed your dog

This notion might be difficult to grasp at first, yet don’t worry; you’ll get the hang of it. The golden rule in feeding your dog is 2-3 percent of body weight for adult dogs (and cats). Hence, for a 50-pound dog, he would need to eat 16 ounces of food. However, as you can imagine, this is just a base, if your dog is losing or gaining weight this should be adjusted.

Nonetheless, don’t assume that dogs need primarily protein. Just like we do, dogs need a healthy diet. Hence you have to  balance between carbohydrate, protein and veggies. Making it a key factor when you are looking to cook for your dog! A ratio would be 40% protein, 50% vegetables and 10% starch. Keep in mind though that some dogs can’t digest high amount of proteins, so it is important to check with your vet what is your dog’s dietary needs.

Remember to take into account that you don’t need to prepare all of your dog’s food. You can also create a balanced diet for dogs mixing up healthy commercial foods with add-ins of your home-cooked meals.

Common mistakes in homemade diets

There are various mistakes when talking about homemade meals, since its up to each pet parent. However, there are common mistakes that could be avoided if informed correctly. For instance, you should consult your vet before preparing a homemade meal in order to be sure that your dog can eat it and that he has no food allergies.

Unbalanced homemade meals preparation

Usually, some pet parents end up preparing the same recipe again and again, neglecting the balance between vitamins and minerals levels. Certainly, not every single meal has to be balanced. Yet, as time goes, equilibrium has to be attained. Often, we tend to neglect calcium, an essential nutrient since muscles are low in calcium and high on phosphorous. Unfortunately, when dogs lack in calcium they may develop various diseases, like osteoporosis. So, bear in mind that you need calcium on daily basis (you can find them in ground eggshells for example) while making homemade dishes!

Feeding your dog unhealthy and hazardous food

Is chocolate toxic for dogs

This is extremely important to remember: dogs cannot eat all the food we do! There are various foods considered unsafe for dogs. Some may even be toxic for them, like chocolate, avocado, alcohol, grapes, macadamia nuts, onions and garlic. This is not an exhaustive list, though. Hence, make sure to be aware of the ingredients you’ll use and again, consult with your vet to rule out any food allergies.


Now you won’t be asking yourself anymore “Should I cook for my dog.” As you’ve read, homemade dishes are excellent for dogs. Not only it is safer, healthier and less expensive but also they love you even more for taking such good care of them. If they have lost their appetite, cooking homemade dishes may just be the answer!

The good news is that there is almost no way of getting a recipe wrong. Your dog will love every homemade meal you’ll make it just as much as they love you. Just remember to keep a close eye on what you feed your dog, since they may not only be allergic to some ingredients but some are even toxic.

Consult your vet before switching their diet, so that you prepare exactly what your dog needs in terms of vital nutrients. We hope that you are able to provide your dogs with quality meals that are not only beneficial but also tasty! So what are you waiting for? Get cooking! If you need more details about homemade dished for you dog, check out our eBook on Homemade Pet food.

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