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One day I was out with my dog at the park and he did something really strange. He started chasing his tail in circles around himself! This is not something that you see every day, so it made me laugh! It turns out that some dogs do this for fun…

Weird dog behaviors symptoms vary greatly, but the most irregular or unusual animal actions can be categorized into three categories: Anxiety, Attention Seeking, and Territorial. Dogs will exhibit strange behaviors due to one of these reasons, so if you find yourself reading this article looking at your pet and thinking, “what the heck is going on?” Please take a look at the following three categories to see if you can relate any of your dogs behavior with one of these signs.

1- Weird Dog Behavior: Anxiety

If your dog is stressed or anxious, it will probably cause some weird behavior because, really, who wouldn’t act funny? So what can you do about an anxious pooch? First things first, figure out why are dogs so anxious. Of course, some instances are more obvious than others, but there should be a pattern that leads you towards figuring out what causes anxiety for your pet in most cases. 

If your dog is extremely fearful or an anxious canine, it might scare people away just by looking at them! Keep in mind, that an experience could have also caused this kind of reaction. 

For example, some dogs might be straightforward going until they have a nightmare about their worst fear. If this nightmare happens to no longer include you as part of the dream, then your dog will start acting weird around you. Even if there is nothing wrong with them! It’s important to note that anxiety can lead to many different kinds of behavior, and not all are strange, like pawlicking. Sometimes, you’ll notice that your dog is pawlicking excessively, to a point that he/ she might even hurt themselves.   

While you’re not home as well as providing an outlet for pent-up energy when you are home with your pup. The benefits of a relaxing bed for your dog are many. Not only a floofy and furry bed might remind them of their mothers’ fur, but, a good night’s rest also helps reducing anxiety in dogs. It also improves their cognitive function and promote healthy digestion. With the right bed, you will find it easier to get your pup into a deep sleep. This is essential for them! They need to be able to recuperate from any anxiousness or stress they might have felt during the day. There are many different types of beds available on the market that offer great support and comfort without breaking the bank. You can check one of them below!

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Remember, if you notice that your dog is acting weirdly, it’s time to speak with a vet as soon as possible! The sooner you figure out what makes them so anxious, the faster they can get over it!

2- Territorial Behaviors

Whenever someone enters your house or a room, you notice your dog getting very defensive! Your dog barks at any person that walks inside and starts pushing them with his head. He also might start spreading himself out on the floor. Or even put his chin up high, guarding this space from other animals (and people)! This behavior is normal because he believes that strangers have invaded his territory. Thus, your dog wants to keep it safe by keeping out anyone who looks like they want to stay. 

So what to do about it? You have a couple of options here, but we would suggest that you don’t punish your pet. He is only acting this way because he feels the need to protect his territory and himself. In addition, punishing your dog will make him more anxious and paranoid. Hence, the best thing you can do is let the situation go. Try maybe not to bring anyone into the room if you know he’ll react like this. After some time, your dog will get used to these new situations and stop getting defensive.

3- Weird Dog Behavior: Attention Seeking Dog Behavior

This type of dog odd attitudes usually involves jumping up and down, running around barking. Generally, they can be very annoying to attract attention to themselves. Now that doesn’t mean that your dog wants attention from everyone who walks by! Yet, these kinds of dogs seek direct attention from their owner or people they feel comfortable with. Some dogs will use extreme measures to get something done (or get someone’s attention). If this is the case, you need to train your dog correctly and teach them some basic manners! Keep in mind that attention-seeking doggie behavior can be noticed by people who don’t know your pet very well or even by strangers. Here are a couple of ways you can address it:

1) Get Your Dog Trained 

The most obvious way to stop this type of crazy doggy behavior is through training. We would recommend all owners sign up for obedience classes as soon as they bring home their new puppy or adult dog. Not only will class help with bad dog behaviors. It’ll also work on good behavior such as coming when called, sitting nicely (instead of jumping), and making the pet listen. In addition, many trainers will teach you how to control your puppy correctly, so make sure to read some reviews online before making a choice (there are plenty of them out there).

2) Make Sure That Your Dog Knows Who’s Boss 

Dogs need to understand that their owner is in charge! If they think he can get away with anything, then there’s no way he can stop from acting like a fool! Again, getting him trained by an experienced trainer would help you with this problem. However, if you don’t have time or want to spend money on a class, then make sure that your dog knows who is the boss at home. There are several ways of doing it; the easiest way is to address them adequately (even if he’s a puppy) and make sure that you’re always the first one to give commands. If you want to be respected, you have to show your pet that attention-seeking behavior isn’t acceptable!

Also, a playing toy (such as given below) might help reduce this type of attention-seeking behavior while you’re not home. as well as providing an outlet for pent-up energy when you are home with your pup.



If you can’t be home for your pup, make sure they have a bed to sleep on and some toys to play with. Dogs are social animals that need touch and attention from their owners even when we’re not around. This is why it’s essential to provide them with the things they crave. Or else weird behaviors like chewing furniture, pawlicking or excessive barking may result. You might also want to consider buying a toy if your dog has extra energy while you’re at work all day because this will help avoid hyperactivity in the house. Both of you get more restful sleep!

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